Before and After Pediatric Denture
Before and After Pediatric Denture 1

Kids lose their primary, or baby, teeth. It’s a natural progression, and they are quickly replaced by permanent secondary, or adult teeth. But what happens if your child loses a permanent/adult tooth for some reason? This does happen, whether it’s due to an injury that knocks out the tooth or extensive damage from decay. Not only this is an aesthetic disaster it also has a devastating dental health consequences. When a child’s permanent tooth is lost, its replacement is very important as soon as possible, usually within few weeks. Leaving the empty space will allow for other adjacent teeth to permanently shift because they would try to close the gap created by the missing tooth. This is especially true for children, as their mouths have not finished growing and developing yet.

A Cosmetic Pediatric Partial Flexible Denture consists of a tooth or several front teeth set in a soft flexible tissue-colored base. This base then clasps by pink -colored flexible attainments to remaining teeth, holding the partial denture securely in place.

Why choose a Cosmetic Pediatric Flexible Partial Denture to replace your child’s missing permanent teeth?

Cosmetic Pediatric Flexible Partial Denture is removable, allowing for new denture to be created as your child’s mouth continues to develop. However, until your child is done growing, he or she needs a form of tooth replacement that can be modified over time. Any other methods of a tooth replacement such as a permanent bridge or a dental implant is not a treatment of choice as their mouths have not finished growing yet. That’s why have been providing Cosmetic Partial Pediatric Flexible Dentures at Cohen Cosmetic And Emergency Denture Clinic since 1982.