What are immediate dentures?

When numerous natural teeth must be extracted, dentures are prescribed as their replacement.  Immediate dentures are designed and fabricated BEFORE natural teeth are removed. Placement of dentures immediately after extraction helps gums to heal and eliminates the social and emotional inconvenience associated with being “toothless”  for any period of time.

How often dentures need to be relined and replaced?

Dental authorities agree that complete and partial dentures must be relined every 2 years and replaced every 5 years. In time, gum ridges change, but dentures do not. As a result, dentures do not fit as well as when they were new. Reline every 2 years will make dentures fit as they were originally designed to fit. Artificial denture teeth have about 10%  of strength compared to natural teeth. They  wear down significantly in about 5 years. As denture teeth  become old and dull, a denture wearer is not able to satisfactory chew and digest food. Since the chewing is impaired, dentures become ill-fitting and painful to wear because more force than gums can tolerate without pain is needed to satisfactory masticate food.

What is a pediatric partial denture?

Kids sometimes loose their permanent front teeth as a result of an accident or a disease. If the space in the mouth created by the missing tooth is left without a replacement for some time, the rest of the teeth will begin to shift in about 2 weeks in an effort to compensate for this empty space. Crowns, bridges, or implants is not a suitable treatment for kids because their facial structures are not finished growing. In our clinic, we replace missing kids permanent tooth or teeth with a very gentle flexible partial denture. It is virtually invisible in the mouth and is very comfortable to wear. It will function gently until child’s mouth it is fully developed. At that time other tooth replacement solutions could be considered.

Should strong glue be used to repair dentures?

Absolutely NOT. Glue is NOT the material to use to repair dentures. It is water soluble and contains a chemical substance… which is a poison when ingested. Strong glue will burn the edges of the acrylic resin being repaired and distort the denture’s fit. As a result, the denture will become unusable. Denture Specialist will expertly repair almost any broken or cracked denture in about an hour at a reasonable cost.

Who are Denture Specialists?

Denture Specialists are dental health professionals who are formally specifically trained in all clinical and technological aspects of design, fabrication and fitting of complete, partial, pediatric and implant dentures. In addition to the denture clinic, most Denture Specialists have their own private dental laboratory on-site. On -site dental laboratory allows Denture Specialists to supervise all steps of denture design and fabrication as well as repair, reline and modification of any type of denture.

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