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The Quality of a Denture Prosthodontic services offered in our Cosmetic & Emergency Denture Clinic contributes to the improvement of Patient’s Oral & General Health.

The Value of these Services is their Effectiveness in Cosmetic Replacement of teeth function while preserving the Oral Tissue supporting the Removable Dental Prosthodontic (Denture Prosthesis).

In manufacturing of Removable Prosthodontics (Denture Prosthesis), various Clinical and Technological Procedures are necessary to be well performed in order to assure the Highest Quality of Denturist service possible. Many different types of Prosthodontics (Dentures) can be Designed and Fabricated for the Patient, therefore the fees for Denture Specialist’s Service will vary according to the Condition of the Patients Oral Health, Clinical Skills required, and the Degree of involvement of the Various Technological procedures.

Before we design and fabricate a denture, we establish the treatment plan and its cost. It is only possible after a careful and complete oral examination of the patient in our clinic.

Our Denture Specialist examines patient’s oral condition, describes to the patient his findings, outlines the reasonable treatment options. The cost of this examination is $89.00.

If the denture design and fabrication starts in our clinic within 2 weeks of this examination, $89.00 is credited back to the patient’s account with us.
We provide Canadian and Worldwide Income Tax receipts and fill any Dental Insurance Claim Form free of charge.

All listed fees are approximate.The fair and ultimate cost of the DENTURE varies and depends on the quality of the materials used, existing oral condition, the age and condition of the opposite denture/natural teeth.


    A FULL DENTURE is a dental prosthesis designed to function as a replacement of ALL lost natural teeth.
    This fee below is for ONE FULL DENTURE TO FIT ONE JAW.
    ALL CLINICAL and DENTAL LABORATORY costs are included.

  • Standard Full Denture $995.00
  • Swiss Concept Cosmetic Precision Full Denture $1395.00
  • BPS, Geneva 2000 Cosmetic Precision Full Denture $1495.00
  • Immediate Full Denture $1595.00
  • Cosmetic Full Denture- Adults B.Palsy Facial Paralysis $1695.00
  • Cosmetic Full Denture with 1-2 Cheek Plummers $1895-2500.00
  • Cosmetic Full Denture-Meatus/Pharyngeal Obturator $1995.00
  • Implant Retained By Up To 4 Locators $2095.00
  • Implant Supported By Bar Structure & Clips $2495.00
  • Cosmetic Full Denture w/Obturator&Speech Bulb$2595.00


A PARTIAL DENTURE is a dental prosthesis designed to function as a replacement of SOME lost/missing natural teeth. In this case, other natural teeth are still present. Their condition must be specifically examined since a PARTIAL DENTURE has to be attached to them.
ALL CLINICAL and DENTAL LABORATORY costs are included.

  • Acrylic Flipper Denture:Front 1 to 4 Teeth-Made Same Day $595.00
  • Valplast Adult Flexible Denture: 1 Front Tooth Replaced $595.00
  • Pediatric Flexible Partial Denture: 1 to 4 Front Teeth $595.00
  • Immediate Acrylic Partial Denture: Front Teeth Only $795.00
  • Immediate Acrylic Partial Denture: Back Teeth Only $995.00
  • Pediatric Flexible Partial Denture: Front &/Or Back Teeth $995.00
  • FlexNylon Part.Denture/Bridge: 1 to 6 Back Teeth/ 1 Side $1095.00
  • Flexible Partial Denture Valplast: Any Front & Back Teeth $1395.00
  • Flexible Valplast: 1-2 Front Teeth Chrome Reinforcement $1495.00
  • Precision Cast Partial Denture (Chrome- Cobalt Metal) $1495.00
  • Flexible Valplast w/Chrome Front/Back Reinforcement $1800.00
  • Cosmetic Partial Denture- Adult B.Palsy Facial Paralysis $1895.00
  • Cosmetic Partial Denture- One/Both Cheeks Plummers $1995.00
  • Cosmetic Partial Denture- Meatus/Pharyngeal Obturator $2095.00
  • Cosmetic Partial Denture with Obturator & Speech Bulb$2595.00
  • Cast Partial Denture: (Silver/Gold/Titanium) $1795.00-$2600.00
  • Implant Supp. or Retained Partial Denture $2095.00-$2600.00

All listed fees are approximate. The fair and ultimate cost of the Partial Denture varies and depends on the partial and implant denture design and fabrication complexity. There are many variations of the design of the partial denture, therefore it is not possible to have a firm price without a clinical examination of the patients existing oral condition.


The cost of a denture repair really depends on what is wrong with a denture as there are different kinds of denture repair applications to broken dentures. Some types of denture repairs may take longer as it can be difficult to repair a certain broken denture. A denture broken in 3 pieces, would be an example. Simple repair when a denture’s tooth is broken off the denture but is still intact, on the other hand, would take less time.

The national North American average cost for a denture tooth repair is about $175.00 but that does not include the chair-time that is needed to consult about your denture repair with a denturist. Denturists will give their opinion whether your denture should be repaired, meaning some dentures should not be repaired because they may not fit correctly in the first place.

In our clinic a simple one denture tooth repair or one denture crack repair will cost $89.00 plus a limited emergency examination of the patient to recommend necessary treatment options to avoid this kind of emergency in the future. Emergency after hours clinic visits and visits during week-ends and holidays is an additional $69.00.

We base our Fees on the Current Year Guide Of Suggested Fees for Denturist Services established and accepted by The Denturist Association of Ontario and The Canadian Denturist Association.

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