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    Since 1982 Cohen Cosmetic & Emergency Denture Clinic provides the expert level of a standard, cosmetic and emergency denture treatment to anyone looking for a professional denture care. Located in the Central Toronto, our Yonge Street Cohen Cosmetic & Emergency Denture Clinic ALWAYS responds 7/365 to ANY DENTURE  EMERGENCY.  Take advantage of our 38+ Years of Clinical and Technological Denture Experience. 

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Your Friendly Team of Cosmetic Denturists & Dental Technologists in Central Toronto

Located in the Central Toronto, Yonge Street Cohen Cosmetic & Emergency Denture Clinic team is dedicated to providing our patients with exceptional service and 360 degrees total denture care in a warm, inviting environment.
From general denturism services like standard complete or partial dentures, denture adjustments, denture repair or reline, and denture hygiene to cosmetic and emergency services, we offer bespoke denture treatments that meet the unique needs of our patients. Our Central Toronto Cosmetic & Emergency Denture Clinic is conveniently located at 1849 Yonge Street, across from Davisville subway station.


We love welcoming new patients to our beautiful Central Toronto Denture practice – find out what you can expect during your first visit.

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Our team of experienced cosmetic denturists provide a wide range of  Denturism including general, preventative,  and emergency denture services.

Since 1982 the residents of Central Toronto trust Cohen Cosmetic & Emergency Denture Clinic with their smiles.

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1849 Yonge St., Suite 501, Medical & Dental Centre, across from Davisville Subway Station 
Toronto, Ontario, M4S 1Y2


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