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    Needed a flipper because my implant broke and I’m travelling in a few days (not enough time to get it properly fixed before I leave). The flipper was made in a day, and made well. The Dr. even stayed late to accommodate me so I wouldn’t have to walk around missing a tooth for a day!
  • John Huh  3 months ago

     My family vacation previously this year was planned around visiting the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, as we are a household of hockey fans. My son is now old enough to appreciate the history of the wonderful sport, and in stunning irony I had a mishap in our hotel’s swimming pool with my dentures. We arrived on a Friday and had planned to see the sights for a complete week, and on Sunday we decided to enjoy a day of swimming at our hotel. Unfortunately for me, during the day of pool splashing fun, I lost my partial denture with two front teeth on it. Making things worse was the fact that it being Sunday, there aren’t many emergency dental providers open or even capable of handling my emergency. Faced with the prospect of heading out to the Hockey Hall of Fame looking embarrassingly at home within its halls, I luckily found Cohen Cosmetic And Emergency Denture Clinic through a Google search. Not only were the folks at Cohen completely helpful and easy to deal with, but they had a new partial denture in my hands in just four hours. They saved my family vacation and saved my dignity in a short period of time. I would highly recommend their services and wouldn’t hesitate to look them up for any emergency or non-emergency dental care. -JH • • •
  • Therin C   5 months ago

    While visiting family in Toronto, I accidentally got popped in the mouth pretty hard while playing with my nephew. The blow knocked one of the crowns off of my teeth and it was seriously painful. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to wait until I got home to see my regular dentist. I needed to find someone who could help me right away. We looked up Cohen Cosmetic & Emergency Denture Clinic and made the call. The receptionist was very helpful and understanding about my situation and was able to get me scheduled to come in the same day. The doctor was personable, professional and best of all – was able to take care of the issue quickly! I would have been really suffering for a while otherwise. I am really grateful for this valuable service!• • •
  • Maria B.   3 months ago

    This year I finally had the opportunity to visit my uncle, who moved in Toronto back in 2001. I must say that a few years ago I’ve been involved in a pretty silly accident (I stumbled, fell down the stairs and ended up with a few broken teeth!) and I wear dentures ever since. Although I paid a fortune for them, you cannot imagine how unhappy they made me! My teeth looked so unnatural and so… ugly. I was trying not to laugh too much or I was hiding my teeth while laughing – and that’s how my uncle found out about this. After I told him about my problem, he insisted to take me to Cohen Cosmetic & Emergency Denture Clinics. He was their patient and it looked like he couldn’t stop talking about how good they were. I had no intention to go, but I did it anyway, because it WAS the only way to make him stop preaching! The staff from the clinic was very friendly and very professional. They saw immediately how scared I was (well, I’m not a big fan of clinics!) and treated me with a lot of care. What actually impressed me even more were their services – it took them only ONE week to make me new dentures, and they looked just perfect! I finally felt like I had my laugh back! No funny-looking teeth and no more shame smiling and laughing! I didn’t feel this good in years… Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for me! Now I understand why my uncle was so thrilled and I will definitely recommend you every time I will have the chance! Maria B., 37 years old, Timisoara, Romania• • •
  • Nicole C  3 months ago

    I was visiting Toronto, Ontario Canada on a business trip. I had a dental emergency- one of my dentures for my upper tooth completely cracked. I quickly sought treatment, and asked the waiter for a recommendation on service. He referred me to Cohen Emergency Dental Clinic. I called them on a Sunday afternoon, and was very elated when my call was returned within 10 minutes! I was at the clinic for a total of 2 hours, and had my denture fixed within one. Despite having an emergency, I had a very good experience with this clinic In Toronto. I gave this clinic only 4 stars because despite the expedited services, the clinic only accepted cash/credit cards as a form of payment. I only had my debit card with me, so this was a little disappointing. Nicole C, Norwich, CT
  • Sam Schultz  9 months ago

    Against my better judgment, I got into a bar fight that I tried to break up and I got a front tooth knocked out, which caused me quite a bit of trouble for a few weeks. Not only did it hurt my self-image, but whenever I smiled my friends and family would always remark on the visible gap they saw. Determined to do something about it I found this clinic. Setting up an appointment was easy and they recommended a flexible invisible partial plate. The procedure was no hassle, the price was reasonable, and the staff was friendly. Great service; would recommend to anyone.• • •
  • Mitchell Dade  5 months ago

    My 10 year old daughter lost her front tooth by accident and she was devastated. As a father, there’s nothing worse than seeing her in this kind of pain and embarrassment. Cohen installed a flexible partial retainer within a week. Now she’s not shy and wants to be out and hang with friends. I’m so glad I was able to find Cohen and do this for her.
  • Lisa W. Henry   8 months ago

    I have had an emergency denture repair while in Toronto on business. On Sunday no other dental office had responded to my calls, except Cohen Emergency Denture Clinic. I was seen by a dentist and My bridge partial bridge was repaired on the spot. Price was very affordable. Highly recommend this clinic.
  • michelle pika  10 months ago

    The team at Cohen Denture Clinic are exactly what I was looking for, excellent, no-nonsense denture care at a reasonable price. I was getting rather annoyed by the constant up-selling at the previous dentist office I used. Every time I visited, they seemed they were trying to sell me something “new” for my denture. This was a nice change of pace. They are very straightforward, explain things well, and like to educate on the good maintenance of dentures, so you it will give you long use. This is the 4th time I visited but they are super-accommodating as if it was my first visit. I could not recommend this very professional clinic enough!• • •
  • Veronica Lynn 5 months ago

    Cohen has a fast, inexpensive emergency denture service. My mother and I were visiting Toronto when her dentures broke. The hotel gave us Cohen’s phone number. Within 2 hours they had fixed my mom’s partial denture. We received an excellent and effective service. We are so thankful. VL Canton, OH
  • Cristina Silva  8 months ago

    I was on vacation in Toronto, Canada and unfortunately my old top denture broke. It broke a number of times before back in Lisbon already…. I looked up Cohen Cosmetic & Emergency Denture Clinics online and decided to go with them to fix the problem. My old top denture was repaired within 1 hour on Sunday! New top and bottom dentures were made in 1 week while you were in Toronto. Fast, effective and not as expensive as in Lisbon so I’m very happy with the outcome. I’m very pleased and my friends even say that I look 10 years younger. 5 Stars• • •